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Full Moon Consulting ASQ Certified Quality Engineer Exam Preparation Webinar Series:  The ASQ Certified Quality Engineer designation is a well respected and coveted designation with approximately 45,205
people holding it worldwide and 3312 per year testing for it. The certification exam is an extremely difficult test. The first time pass rate is 58% even with all of the live, online and blended training and prep courses
available. Now for the first time Compliance Trainings is pleased to offer an instructor led, accelerated learning online series of webinars to prepare the experienced quality engineer to take and pass the ASQ certified
quality engineer exam. For new quality engineers not yet planning to take the exam, this curriculum will provide an excellent training vehicle to new and useful tools/concepts in addition to reinforcing concepts learned in
college or out on the manufacturing/service floor.

The bulleted items below each webinar title represent the key topics covered during each webinar but are not meant to be exhaustive of all the topics covered. Below each webinar title is indicated the section(s) of the
ASQ CQE body of knowledge (BoK) that the content pertains to. The webinars are presented in a sequence to represent a logical flow and are not necessarily in the same order as listed in the ASQ CQE Bok.

1.        Introduction to Quality Engineering
CQE BoK Section I
•        History
•        Gurus
•        Deming’s 14 points
•        Project Management

2.        Product and Process Control
CQE BoK Section IV/V/VI
•        Introduction to Six Sigma
•        Basic Statistics & Sampling
•        Six Sigma Tools
•        Implementing a Six Sigma program
•        Metrology

3.        Lean
CQE BoK Section V
•        Introduction to Lean
•        Lean Tools
•        Implementing a Lean program
•        Theory of Constraints

4.        Product, Process and Service Design
CQE BoK Section III
•        Process Validation & Verification
•        Reliability
•        Maintainability
•        Technical Drawings & Specifications

5.        Risk Management
CQE BoK Section VII
•        Introduction to risk management
•        Risk management tools
•        Developing a risk management program

6.        Quality Tools
CQE BoK Section V
•        Classic 7 Tools
•        New 7 Tools
•        Quality Tools & Risk Based Thinking

7.        Elements of the Quality System
CQE Bok Section II
•        Quality Standards and Other Guidelines
•        Auditing Fundamentals
•        Risk Based Auditing
•        Value Added Auditing
•        Audit Reporting
•        Cost of Quality

8.        Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action
CQE BoK Section V
•        Root cause analysis
•        Root cause analysis tools
•        Effective Corrective Action
•        Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Process

Why take this course?
•        Instructor led
   o        instructor has 5 ASQ certifications including the CQE
   o        Instructor is ASQ sponsored instructor for the CQA preparatory course
•        Accelerated curriculum for experienced1 quality engineers means course is only 16 hours vs 32-40
•        Our Guarantee – Take our course then schedule and take the exam any time in 2016. If you don’t pass, you can listen to the entire recorded webinar series for free once within the 6 months after the exam date;
you will also receive a 30-minute consultation with the instructor to discuss weak areas to focus on when studying to retake the exam.
•        Cost – save on travel and hotel costs for live courses and eliminate time away from work

1-        This course can be used as a training course for quality engineers new in their role. It is meant to be an exam preparatory course for quality engineers having at least several years of experience.

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