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..presentation was very insightful and
provided some great takeaways.
    Meraleen Cain
    2012/2013 Chair
    ASQ Section 0615

Lance has a solid background and knowledge in
the application of Lean and Quality tools. He is
one of the few people who leaves you feeling
energized, and I admire his ability to connect ..on
both a professional and human basis.  
    Bob Petrushka
    CSSBB, Consultant, Author

Your presentation, ‘Auditing Across Industries:
Turning experience in one industry into
opportunities in another’, was well received and
allowed our audience, with varying degrees of
knowledge and experience, an opportunity to
hear a real life scenario with proven results.  Your
ability to ‘reinterpret audit fundamentals’ and
‘translate skills from one industry to another’,
was both informative and timely in this ever
changing market.  
    Denise Wynne
    Program Chair
    2011 Audit Division Conference

“Lance has a rare combination of skills that
quickly made him stand out as a go-to source for
problem resolution. He has a comprehensive
grasp of quality principles, innovative problem-
solving approach, and excellent organization and
communication skills. Lance continually exceeded
expectations, not only by completing tasks before
they were due, but also by the quality and effort
that he puts into everything he does. He is a true
Quality professional and one that is welcomed,
and very much respected, by the entire team."
    Ricardo Barba
    Quality Manager (2008-2001)
    The Tech Group

Lance is a facilitator for the ASQ Certified Quality
Auditor Exam preparatory course. As a facilitator,
he is knowledgeable of his subject matter,
professional in his demeanour and always
receives good reviews from the students who take
his classes.
      Nancy Boudreau
      ASQ 2014-2015 Audit Division Chair
Full Moon Consulting was created in 2012 by Lance Coleman Sr. to be a consulting
company that takes out-of-the-box innovative approaches to problem solving and continuous
improvement. Full Moon Consulting is designed to explore the integration of lean, risk
management and quality tools with audit methodology in order to (1)
provide a focusing lens
for Lean and other continuous improvement initiatives,
(2) develop a more robust audit
program and (3) help manage risk.
We provide first-party and second-party auditing, as well as,
technical writing services. Full Moon Consulting can also meet your auditor and lean six sigma
training needs. [

152 West Fireclay Avenue  ♦  Murray, Utah  ♦ 480-907-8587  ♦

"Advanced Quality Auditing: An Auditor's
Review of RiskManagement,Lean Auditing
and Data Analysis"; 2015 Quality Press

"The Customer Driven Organization:
Employing the Kano Model";
2014 Productivity Press.  

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One from the road..

Sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, always
thought provoking (hopefully), the purpose of this
column is to share insights, anecdotes and information
that have been shared with me while on the road.  It
will be updated during the first week of each quarter.
This month's segment is called.
"Waste not, want not..."
Lance on the road...

“I do not fear the man who has
practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I do
fear the man who has practiced one
kick 10,000 times.”
Bruce Lee

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